Area Before the LCD TV and Cabinet were Added

This space was created by using the closet from the adjoining room.

Open area for cabinet

Side view of area Before the flat panel TV and Cabinet were Added

You can see the depth of the former closet space from this picture.

Open area for cabinet

Concept Design

This was the design for the cabinet system including mounting the LCD TV on a panel.

Design Concept for custom TV cabinet

Alternative - Using Stock Cabinets

Here is a layout of how the space would look with stock cabinets. This did not look very nice.

Design Concept Using Stock Cabinets

Cabinet in Progress

Here is the cabinet in progress - castle not included!

Cabinet in Process

Final Cabinet

Final cabinet without final coat of paint.

Custom Plasma/LCD TV Cabinet

Pull out Shelves

Pull out shelves were included for stereo components, and the doors have clip-off hinges.

Cabinet Open