Area Before the LCD TV and Entertainment Center were added

The entertainment center had to work around an existing fireplace. Click on arrows to see more pictures.

Existing Fireplace

Concept Design

This was the design for the cabinet system including a panel for LCD TV mount and wiring.

Design Concept for TV over Fireplace

Finished Cabinet

The LCD TV is mounted over fireplace, AV and speakers are hidden away.

LCD/Plasma TV over Fireplace

AV Cabinet Closed

Custom AV Cabinet

AV Cabinet Open

Custom AV Cabinet Open

AV Cabinet Pulled Out

The cabinet insides pull out for easy access to wiring

Pull-out AV Cabinet

AV Cabinet Rotated

The inside of the cabinet also rotates for easy access to the back of the equipment.

Access to AV Components

Speaker Inside Mantel

This is a close-up of the speaker (Yamaha YSP-1) mounted inside the fireplace mantel

Speaker Mounted Inside Mantel